Extend the Power of Polarity

Polarity is an overlay on top of all your existing workflows and tools. You can also build on top of Polarity to extend the power of the platform. Explore available open source projects here:

Example of Polarity's product overlaying a window on any application

The ServiceDesk Plus MSP integration currently searches custom work-order fields to identify tickets related to IP addresses on your screen. ServiceDesk Plus MSP is a web-based, ITIL-ready helpdesk software designed specifically for managed service providers.

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Open-source project management application. There is also the Redmine Issue Creator integration, which allows for users to create a ticket in Redmine.

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The Polarity - ServiceNow SIR integration enables analysts to have a complete view of indicators and incident response issues, enabling analysts to quickly triage information and make a quick decision.

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The Polarity Sharepoint integration allows freeform text searching for IPs, hashes, and domains in your Sharepoint instance and retrieves related documents.

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