Let's work together

The Polarity partner program is designed to provide greater opportunities for existing and new Polarity partners. Together we can enhance enterprise customers information driven business processes via the seamless delivery of Polarity products, integrations and support.

Referral Partners

A company or an individual that delivers prospective leads to Polarity via their trust relationships with prospective customers.


An intermediary entity in the distribution channel that purchases Polarity software and sells it directly to enterprise consumers. There are varying levels of reseller. Those characteristics that differentiate resellers from referral partners include the ability to support sales with trained sales and engineering personnel, as well as support Tier 1 Polarity inquiries and requests.

Integration Partners

A technology company that views the delivery of their information via the Polarity platform as a value-added benefit to mutual customers/prospects within the customers'/prospects' technology ecosystem.

Strategic Alliance Partners

Technology and/or service firm partners who share our vision for enabling collaboration through a collective memory. Through these partnerships, we strive to support customers in the optimization of business processes and help customers make Better Decisions, Faster.