Polarity Is The Memory Augmentation Platform That Makes Your Team Smarter

Polarity augments your team’s memory by displaying data relevant to your work via on-screen overlays.

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Example of Polarity's product overlaying a window on any application
How it works

What makes Polarity unique

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Add information worth remembering to a collective memory.


Polarity uses computer vision to recognize what is on your and your co-workers screens in real-time.


And overlays relevant contextual data from the collective memory on anyone’s screen who needs it.

Why You Need Memory Augmentation

Missed information leads to mistakes

Not having the right contextual data at the right time can lead to costly mistakes in decision-making and analysis.

Your time is precious

Manual searches for data take too much time. The average knowledge worker spends 19% of their workweek, almost a whole day per week, searching and gathering information.

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Don't take our word for it

Here is what our customers are saying

“Polarity highlights the known, so my team can immediately focus on the unknown”

- CISO of a Private Equity Firm

“Polarity enabled our incident response team to quickly draw on historic intelligence which furthered their ability to respond effectively to observed events”

- CIO of Leading Media and Internet Company

“Named one of the ten most innovative companies of 2016”

- MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

Things people are tagging

What things do you want to remember?

  • Internet Addresses
  • Domains
  • Hostnames
  • Peoples’ Names
  • Company Names
  • File Hashes
  • CIDR Ranges
  • Investigation Notes
  • CUSIP Numbers
  • Account Numbers
  • User IDs
  • Anything you can Think of

Proud recipients of two infosec awards - Editor's Choice Infosec Startup of the Year, and Best Product in Memory Augmentation

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