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Polarity is an overlay on top of all your existing workflows and tools. You can also build on top of Polarity to extend the power of the platform. Explore available open source projects here:

Example of Polarity's product overlaying a window on any application

The Polarity <> Analyst1 integration allows Polarity to get quick identification of Indicators and CVEs associated to Actors, Malware, and MITRE ATT&CK from the Analyst1 platform. Analyst1 maintains a comprehensive threat intelligence archive from free, paid, and internal sources powered by NLP automation and analyst curation. Analyst1 provides total data provenance in control by the customer, greatly increasing the simplicity of access and depth of data available for Polarity’s augmented views to end users.

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Rapid7 Nexpose looks up IPs for related vulnerabilities that Nexpose has identified

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The Polarity tenable.sc (formerly Security Center) integration allows Polarity to search the tenable.sc API to return information about various indicator types.

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With Polarity’s VulnDB integration, you have ready access to the vast intelligence that VulnDB provides anytime there is a CVE on your screen. No matter what you are looking at, whether it’s the output of a vulnerability scan or a PDF with the latest threat information, you will have the power of VulnDB’s vulnerability data overlaid on your screen. The integration also provides a link directly to VulnDB’s SaaS Portal, ensuring you have full access to VulnDB’s comprehensive vulnerability intelligence right when it’s needed most.

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