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The Polarity - ServiceNow SIR integration enables analysts to have a complete view of indicators and incident response issues, enabling analysts to quickly triage information and make a quick decision.

Configuring ServiceNow

This integration requires you to complete a few extra steps in order to use it.

Ease of Configuration: Medium

In order to use the Polarity - ServiceNow SIR integration configuration of the integration is required. Please note that in ServiceNow the Security and Incident response modules will need to be added to your instance.

Configuration Options

Indicators Integration Looks up: IPs, Domains, hashes, CVE, SIT Numbers and SIR numbers

ServiceNow URL - The ServiceNow url that analysts go to in order to access ServiceNow, such as

Username and Password - The ServiceNow integration uses basic authentication for access to the API. So a username and password are required to login. Typically a service account will be created for the Polarity - ServiceNow integration that has access to the information needed.