Make Better Decisions Faster with Polarity

Polarity improves decision making by allowing users to capture, retain, and share intelligence across any workflow.



From any application, with the touch of a keystroke, you can tag or annotate any string with information worth sharing or remembering. This could be notes on a customer, evidence from an investigation, or intelligence on a threat.


Knowledge captured in the collective memory is organized into channels so that each user can choose what type of data they would like to subscribe to.


Connect to external data sources with our user-modifiable integration architecture and turn your existing data into a collective memory for your team.


Computer Vision

By working at the pixel level, Polarity can enable collaboration across any workflow. Polarity instantly integrates the collective memory data with your entire team and toolset.


Polarity can recognize any arbitrary string, even data that would not typically be identified with traditional entity extraction or natural language processing techniques.


Customers can define custom types to be recognized, for example an organization’s user/customer ID structure, hostname naming scheme, helpdesk ticket format, domestic or foreign property addresses.



Polarity’s overlays give users awareness of contextual information related to what they are working on, improving decision making, and reducing mistakes..

Save Time

Spend less time switching between applications because Polarity can overlay contextual information you would have otherwise searched or looked up.

Make Existing Tools Better

Polarity augments your existing tools with the power of a collective memory within and across teams. With our HUD (Heads-Up-Display), information can even be overlaid directly in-line with the application you are using.

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