The Polarity - Shodan integration provides immediate awareness to Shodan’s vast Internet of Things search engine. Enabling analysts to quickly triage the location, associated domains and headers for an IP.

Configuring Shodan

This integration requires you to complete a few extra steps in order to use it.

In order to use the Polarity - Shodan integration, an API Key is required.

By default, the Shodan API only allows one search (indicator search) per second. The Polarity - Shodan integration will automatically throttle lookups to stay below this limit and will queue up to 15 search requests per API key. If the queue is full, you will receive back a response indicating that the queue is full and will have the option to rerun the search from the Overlay Window.

Configuration Options

Indicator Types: IPs

API Key - An API key is needed in order to utilize the Shodan integration. To obtain an API Key, navigate and sign up for an account. Once you have signed up for an account, then navigate to My Account to view your API Key.