The Polarity - EmailRep integration returns reputation and history information about an email, allowing analysts to quickly understand if an email is something that is suspicious based on the EmailRep information.

Configuring EmailRep

This integration requires you to complete a few extra steps in order to use it.

In order to start using the EmailRep integration, you will first need to configure it within Polarity.

Configuration Options

API Key - An API key is needed in order to utilize the integration. To obtain an API Key from EmailRep, please navigate to and sign up for an API Key. You will then receive an email from the EmailRep team with your API Key.

View Malicious Indicators Only - This toggle option enables the integration to only return information on urls that are malicious. This option is off by default.

Ignore List or Ignore Regex - EmailRep Integration enables the ability to set a regex to match domains or IPs to be ignored or add in a comma-separated list, so the integration will never look them up in Urlscan. This is typically used for sensitive information or company domains.