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The Polarity-AlienvaultOTX integration will return results from different Pulses that the security community is adding to AlienvaultOTX. The integration will return known pulse information on hash, IPs, and domains, allowing analysts to see potential indicators of compromise and malware-related information.

Configuring AlienvaultOTX

This integration requires you to complete a few extra steps in order to use it.

Configuration Options

API Key - An API key is required for analysts to start using the AlienvaultOTX integration. To get an API Key from AlienvaultOTX, navigate to and sign up for an account. From there, navigate to settings and copy the OTX API Key.

Hide results without Pulses - This toggle option allows analysts to hide indicators that do not have pulses. This option helps to reduce the number of notifications from AlienvaultOTX.

Ignore List or Ignore Regex - Alienvault Integration enables the ability to set a regex to match domains or IPs to be ignored or add in a comma separated list, so the integration will never look them up in Urlscan. This is typically used for sensitive information or company domains.