Why We’re Giving Away FPV Quadcopters at ShmooCon 2018

Conferences - Jan 17, 2018

Why We’re Giving Away FPV Quadcopters at ShmooCon 2018 cover image

If you have not had the opportunity to fly an FPV (First-Person-View) Quadcopter yet, we hope we can help.

As you probably know, we at Polarity are kind of obsessed with on-screen overlays like heads-up-displays (HUDs) and augmented reality. We love our mission of informing the human with contextual information while they do their work. We see a parallel to HUDs used in aviation and by extension the on-screen-displays (OSDs) used in the FPV drone world.

Below is a picture of the “realtime” video transmitted from one of the quads we are giving away with the OSD detailing information such as battery voltage, horizon lines, flight time, and receiving channel/frequency. Just like Polarity, the OSD allows you to get important information without having to take your eyes off what you are working on.


Many of us here at Polarity have been attending ShmooCon for over ten years and it was the first conference we chose to sponsor back in 2016, six months before Polarity came out of closed beta. Now we are sponsoring once again and we couldn’t be more excited, which is why we’ve put together our largest contest yet. We’re giving away over 100 Quadcopters you can mod, 20 FPV Cameras with video transmitters, 8 FPV Goggles, and 1 FPV Racing Drone that will enable you to fly at time-travel speed.


At our last all-hands meeting, every employee modded a quadcopter (the same model we are giving away), to add a camera and sync it to FPV goggles. This allowed each team member to fly the quadcopter as if they were in the pilot’s seat. Not only was it a great team building exercise (that required a soldering iron), but it inspired us to run this competition, and teach winners how to mod the copters themselves.

Here’s a clip of some of the fun:

How to win

  1. Those attending the ShmooCon conference will each receive a contest card in their attendee bag. On that contest card will be a unique hash number. (But I could not get a ShmooCon ticket, can I still win? Yes, skip to step 3)
  2. Seven other attendees have the same hash as you. Be one of the first to find…
  • 1 other attendee and both receive a quadcopter with remote,
  • 2 other attendees and all receive a quadcopter, remote, FPV camera, and video transmitter,
  • 3 other attendees and all receive a quadcopter, remote, FPV camera, video transmitter, and FPV goggles
  • …and come to the Polarity booth with your fellow attendees and matching hashes to claim your prizes as a team.
  1. Leave a business card with us at our booth or subscribe to the Polarity Blog (https://polarity.io/blog/) between now and the end of the conference and be entered in a drawing to win the Furibee X215 Pro Racing Drone:

In 2016 when we ran a similar competition, 40% of winners found success when using social media -> #PolarityChallenge


In addition, we’ll have a station at our booth so winners can hack their drones, just like we did. The competition will run while supplies last.

Additional Links:

ShmooCon - http://shmoocon.org/

Polarity - https://polarity.io/

Video Review of x215 Pro - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oBk6zSkOBI