Polarity - urlscan Integration

Product Oct 10, 2019

Ever gotten an email with a link and wondered what that link is and if you should click on it? Ever seen a random url in your logs and wondered what it is? Well, with Polarity’s latest integration with urlscan, you will always know if that url or domain is malicious or not!

What is urlscan?
urlscan.io is a service to scan and analyse websites. When a URL is submitted to urlscan.io, an automated process will browse to the URL like a regular user and record the activity that this page navigation creates. This includes the domains and IPs contacted, the resources (JavaScript, CSS, etc) requested from those domains, as well as additional information about the page itself.

What does the urlscan integration do?
The Polarity - urlscan integration looks for domains and urls on your screen and looks them up in urlscan to provide you information around that domain/url. This lets you always know if the domain/url is what it is supposed to be or not - as well providing urlscan’s malicious information they gather from other sources!

With Polarity’s latest integration, you will always have that url intelligence and screenshots of the site in question. This allows you to help out in your hunt or investigation, and lets you know whether or not a link should be clicked!

Check out the integration in action below:


For more information on urlscan, visit urlscan.io

For more information on Polarity, visit polarity.io