The Polarity-Intel 471 Integration Arms Users with Instant Cybercrime Intelligence

Product Jan 08, 2020

Security analysts rely on cybercrime intelligence to lead them in threat investigations. Without the information available to reference potentially malicious activity, they lack the context to keep their organizations safe and secure. That’s why cybersecurity teams leverage tools like Intel 471, to mitigate threats with as much information in their arsenal as possible.

What is Intel 471?

Intel 471 is the premier provider of cybercrime intelligence. Their tool provides adversary and malware intelligence for leading security, fraud, and intelligence teams. Adversary intelligence is focused on infiltrating and maintaining access to closed sources where threat actors collaborate, communicate, and plan cyber attacks.

What does the Polarity - Intel 471 integration do?

The Polarity - Intel 471 integration allows Polarity to search Intel 471’s Indicators API to return context around IPs, Hashes, and domains about malware and adversary infrastructure. By combining the capabilities of both tools, teams are able to leverage Intel 471’s vast cybercrime intelligence instantaneously no matter their workflow, enabling them to make better decisions faster.

Check out the integration in action below: