The Polarity-Google Translate Integration Introduces a Simple Solution to a Global Problem

Product Dec 17, 2019

Due to the global reach of the dark web, there is no default language for cyber threats, leaving analysts to rely on tools like Google Translate to understand and mitigate threats in languages foreign to them. While translation tools certainly help bridge the knowledge gap, it is also tedious and time-consuming for analysts to repeatedly copy and paste those foreign language texts to get the information they need.

With the Polarity - Google Translate integration, analysts now have the ability to instantly translate any foreign language into your language of preference, with the results displayed right on their screen.

To get started with Google Translate for Polarity:

  1. Highlight the text you need to be translated
  2. Ask Polarity what it knows through our On-Demand functionality
  3. Get the translated text instantly

Check out the video below of an analyst looking through Flashpoint Intelligence and instantly translating the information.