The IBM/Polarity integration is the 1-2-3 combo cyber security professionals have been looking for

Product - Jun 11, 2019

The IBM/Polarity integration is the 1-2-3 combo cyber security professionals have been looking for cover image

In boxing, coaches and athletes alike perfect various moves for delivery in specific sequences. If executed properly, these sequences or “combinations” can help establish a superior position over an opponent. One such combination is known as the “1-2-3 Combo.”

Polarity, in collaboration with IBM, is now empowering cyber security professionals with the equivalent of boxing’s powerful combination.

How does this help my team

Enabled by Polarity’s industry leading memory augmentation platform, analysts now have the means to flow seamlessly between capabilities, no matter what platform or environment they find themselves operating within. With the click of a button, Polarity users are enabled with their own 1-2-3 punch in the defense against malicious actors via the utilization of the following capabilities:

  1. QRadar Security Intelligence Platform (
  2. X-Force Exchange (
  3. Resilient (

How does it work

The collaboration enables mutual users to gain real-time awareness via on-screen overlays of the intelligence available in IBM’s leading cyber security solutions including IBM QRadar, X-Force Exchange, and Resilient.

1. QRadar Security Intelligence Platform

IBM QRadar allows users to ingest data from anywhere and applies advanced analytics to detect and prioritize threats. The Polarity integration for QRadar overlays information from QRadar to allow an analyst to leverage correlations related to potential threats being investigated.

2. X-Force Exchange

IBM X-Force Exchange is a leading cloud-based threat intelligence sharing platform designed to help your security team research, collaborate, and act on threat intelligence. The Polarity integration for X-Force Exchange overlays X-Force Exchange threat intelligence on your screen as it relates to indicators under investigation by an analyst.

3. Resilient Incident Response Platform

The Resilient Incident Response Platform (IRP) with Intelligent Orchestration dramatically accelerates response to cybersecurity threats. The Polarity integration for Resilient IRP ensures incident response teams have historical information easily at hand and enables teams to update incidents without ever leaving the platform or tools they are working in. The integration also provides the capability to quickly pivot into the Resilient platform from Polarity.

A Knock-Out Punch

Malicious actors frequently change tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) leveraged during attacks in order to avoid detection or counter response strategies employed by reputable organizations. By leveraging Polarity in conjunction with these integrated IBM solutions, security teams can now do the following:

  1. Establish immediate situational awareness as it relates to what they are seeing on their computer screen via seamless integration of invaluable threat intelligence.
  2. Expedite research/analysis processes related to observed events.
  3. Rapidly access and update incident records. Most importantly, this combination can be delivered under any circumstance, as Polarity can provide enhanced visibility and awareness of the invaluable information accessible via these integrated platforms regardless of the operating system the analyst is working within.

Room for Improvisation

Even the best strategy may require adjustment by those responsible for its execution. Detection, intelligence, and response capabilities will be exercised in different orders to account for different situations and stages within the confines of security operations.

The capabilities and solutions offered by IBM will allow for such deviations, as Polarity enables the seamless transition between these capabilities.

Contributing to a team’s ability to be nimble is Polarity’s unique ability to not only integrate the information from leading solutions such as those provided by IBM, but also allowing for the capture, awareness and recall of collective knowledge contributed from analysts working within the smallest and largest of teams.

Enable your team

Check out the integration in action:

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