Annotating & Building a Collective Memory

Product Mar 29, 2018

What if you could build a collective memory across your team and teams that all your analysts could seamlessly benefit from?

At Polarity, we post a lot about integrations and the extensibility of our Memory Augmentation Platform, but most customers have observed that building the collective memory across the team is even more valuable.

One way to expand your organization's collective memory is to encourage users to capture a brief summary of their analytic judgements in Polarity as a tag. Polarity automatically informs users of relevant contextual information based on those tags enabling users to draw on the judgements, insights, and knowledge, or the collective memory, of their team. Polarity enables users to tap into an organization's collective memory all without running a single manual search.

One way customers build a collective memory through Polarity is by using the Apply Annotation window which enables a a scratch pad-like feature for their analyts' notes. Even before judgements have high enough confidence to end up in a ticketing system or threat intelligence platform, utilizing Polarity to capture intelligence will help both the analyst and their co-workers keep track of investigation details and identify areas to collaborate. Something as simple as selecting the entity, double tapping CTRL-C, and recording a fast note, 10-30 seconds time, will enable the team to have superhuman data awareness and save time overall.

Apply Tag Window


For example, if someone observes a traffic anomaly during an investigation, they might have very little confidence that it is related to what they are working on, but if their coworkers come across the same asset for a different reason, it could end up being critical.

By capturing analysts' judgements by applying annotations in Polarity, Polarity customer's ensure that their team's collective memory is automatically accessible to everyone.

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