React Immediately to Insider Threats with the Polarity-Securonix Integration

Product Apr 28, 2020

Today’s post continues an ongoing series on Polarity Integrations. With over 100 powerful integrations, the Polarity Integrations Library allows users to connect Polarity to the tools they already use in their workflow, arming them with even better data awareness and recall. This example showcases our integration with Securonix.

Insider threats are one of the fastest-growing risk factors today for organizations. An insider threat is considered a security risk that has originated inside an organization. They can come from anywhere in the organization and the risk can grow exponentially very quickly depending on who is involved and their role in an organization. A recent report by Verizon stated that 34% of all breaches in 2019 came from insider threats.

Trying to get ahead of threats coming from the inside has become a major initiative for companies. Securonix is one solution that is leading the charge in detecting insider threats before they occur.

What is Securonix?

The Securonix platform automates security operations while their analytics capabilities reduces noise, fine-tunes alerts, and identifies threats both inside and out of the enterprise. Additionally, the platform delivers analytics-driven SIEM, SOAR, and NTA, with UEBA at its core, as a pure cloud solution without compromise.

Using purpose-built data correlation, enrichment, and analytics, the Securonix solution detects not only high-risk users but also high-risk activities, access, and events associated with insider threats. It does this by mining and analyzing a diverse set of user, system, application, security event, and physical access data to identify abnormal behavior.

What does the Polarity-Securonix integration do?

The Polarity-Securonix integration enables immediate recall of insider threat information, returning users’ violation information from an IP, domain, or email address. With this kind of data awareness, analysts can react immediately to stop insider threats from growing exponentially within their organization.

Check out the integration in action below:

What Next?

See for yourself with a Polarity demo or trial, or a Securonix demo. Tune into our next Community Tech Tuesday to learn more.

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