Race Against the Machine

Conferences - Apr 10, 2018

Race Against the Machine cover image

Think you can be both fast and thorough? How well do you Know Your Enemy? How prepared are you for the Hunt?

Wake Up, grab a friend or two, visit Polarity’s 2018 RSA Conference booth (#2600 South Expo), and Testify your skills at object recognition. It’s like a game of Where’s Waldo with malicious IP’s, File Hashes, and Domains.

The Contest

Without Polarity you will be timed to see how fast you can identify indicators in a sea of data while remaining Calm Like a Bomb. The top 5 fastest times at the end of the conference will win prizes.

We will display a real-time leaderboard so you can see where you stack up. Then turn on the new Polarity HUD and experience the Freedom of man and machine working together.

The Reason

As a memory augmentation platform, we always love memory games. Not only is it fun to compete, but it’s also a great representation of the problem Polarity solves.

As an analyst, there’s No Shelter from looking at hundreds of strings/entities on your screen each day. With our latest feature (The HUD), we highlight those strings/entities exactly where they are on your screen, and in real time.