Quickly Run any search in your SIEM with Polarity’s URL Pivot Integration

Product Oct 06, 2020

Today’s post continues an ongoing series on Polarity Integrations. Data tells a story, Polarity helps you see it with Augmented Reality overlaying contextual information from the applications you use every day, no glasses or goggles required. With over 100 powerful integrations, Polarity’s open-source Integrations Library arms you with the right data at the right time to make informed decisions and take action with speed. This example showcases our URL-Pivot integration.

What does the Polarity - URL Pivot integration do?

The Polarity-URL Pivot integration was developed to help analysts quickly pivot out to a data source that analysts establish. The integration was developed in a way that allows for analysts to set up any external link for an indicator to be searched on. With a simple on-demand query the analyst will be able to pick and choose if they want to look up the indicator in another source like their ticketing system or to run a specific Splunk query to see what other information that indicator contains. The Polarity-URL Pivot integration enables an analyst to quickly get the information they need by pivoting out to other data sources.

In this image, notice that the user ran an on-demand query to pull back different links from the URL-Pivot integration, enabling the analyst to pivot out to a tool like Virustotal to search the indicator or run a search in their Splunk instance.

What Next?

See for yourself by getting early access to Polarity’s Community Edition. To learn more about Polarity’s integration partners and to see live demos of our top integrations, tune into our next Community Tech Tuesday.

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