Polarity - ThreatQuotient Integration

Use Cases Product - Jan 31, 2018

Polarity - ThreatQuotient Integration cover image

At the beginning of this year, Polarity invited you to join us on a journey to make 2018 the year of collaboration in the infosec world. Interoperability by Design is the basis of our integration framework that can integrate with almost any database or API. The more you add/integrate the tools you already use to Polarity, the more powerful Polarity becomes and the more powerful your existing security investments become. With over 30 integrations available to date, how do you decide which ones work best for your use case? We’re hoping our series of integration posts will help you make that decision faster!

As a Polarity user, you already know we recognize entities on your screen, and display the ones you care about in an overlay window. For example, let’s say a team member identifies an IP address as a potential threat. They can then tag that IP address (or entity as we call it), allowing other team members to see that tag as they use any application.

In our latest collaboration, we teamed up with ThreatQuotient to build a seriously powerful threat intelligence combination.

What is ThreatQ?

ThreatQ is a threat intelligence platform designed to accelerate security operations through context, prioritization, and automation. ThreatQ’s Threat Library, Adaptive Workbench, and Open Exchange help operators, analysts, and executives to accelerate detection and response, make better decisions, and collaborate amongst various teams.

How does this help my team?

With Polarity’s ThreatQ integration, users can get real time threat intelligence data right on their desktop, via our heads-up display. This will allow teams to get actionable information without having to search for it, allowing everyone on the team to get instant value from ThreatQ’s platform when you need it!

Check out the integration in action:

If your team isn’t leveraging Polarity or ThreatQuotient, check out the below links!

For more information on ThreatQuotient, please visit: https://www.threatq.com/

For more information on Polarity, please visit: https://polarity.io