Polarity - Pulsedive Integration

Product Dec 04, 2018

Polarity’s integration framework can connect to your existing third-party data sources ensuring you have contextual awareness of data from across your organization.

Our latest integration is with Pulsedive, a free threat intelligence platform that provides real-time threat data on IOCs including IPs, domains, and URLs.

What is Pulsedive?

Pulsedive is a new analyst-centric threat intelligence platform that can provide users with comprehensive community threat intelligence to help identify known threats. Pulsedive is currently consuming, enriching, and correlating over 50 OSINT feeds, producing over one million IOCs that are searchable for free at pulsedive.com.

How does this help my team?

The Polarity - Pulsedive integration provides real-time insights for any IPs or domains currently on your screen. Whether you’re looking at information in a help desk ticket, website, document, or even from inside a virtual machine window, you will have the power of Pulsedive’s comprehensive threat intelligence data at your fingertips.

Check out the integration in action below:

For more information on Pulsedive, visit https://pulsedive.com
For more information on Polarity, visit https://polarity.io