Introducing the Polarity Heads-Up-Display

Product Conferences - Apr 12, 2018

Introducing the Polarity Heads-Up-Display cover image

We are excited to debut the Polarity Heads-Up-Display at RSAC 2018. Don’t forget to stop by booth #2600 to be one of the first to see it as part of a competition we are running!

###What is a Heads-Up-Display (HUD)?

A Heads-Up-Display, HUD for short, is a visual indicator that presents data to a person without having them look away from their usual viewpoints. A HUD was originally associated with a fighter pilot being able to see information in a heads-up position while looking forward, flying an aircraft. Different HUDs have been developed over the years for different uses such as Google-Glass in Augmented Reality.

###Why should you care?

As an analyst, you look at hundreds of things on your screen each day. Whether it’s IP’s, hashes, or any other string, understanding what you’re looking at can be difficult and time consuming. Polarity has always solved this problem with our overlay window but now with the real-time HUD, awareness of contextual information is in-line with your applications. Like the difference between a fighter pilot looking down at their instruments vs. having the information right in their line of sight, Polarity HUD makes it even less likely you will miss something.

Now expand that awareness team-wide with our memory augmentation platform and your entire team will operate smarter, more efficiently, and make less mistakes.

###How does it work?

The Polarity HUD runs over the top of your desktop, creating an augmented reality type environment when looking at your computer without any external device or bulky glasses.

The Polarity HUD is not a dashboard or a website that you have to navigate to that is just called a HUD. Instead, the Polarity HUD operates at the pixel level, highlighting critical information, directly on your screen no matter what application you are using.

The information is color-coordinated, allowing you to quickly understand if it is important. To get more context, users simply hover on the highlight and information will appear in the Polarity overlay window. Check it out in action below:


###The Future of Decision Making

By providing the data when you need it most, the HUD enables you to make quick, informed decisions and take immediate actions rather than spending time looking for the information - facilitating the future of decision making.

That’s why we truly believe it’s a game changing feature and why we picked an event like RSAC to debut it.

So remember to stop by booth #2600 at RSAC and check out the HUD in action!

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