Our Latest Release - Polarity 3.0

Product Jun 25, 2018

We here at Polarity are excited to announce our new Polarity 3.0 release, which includes of a completely new user interface and integration framework updates.

Polarity Features > Polarity-Server 3.4

New features for Polarity-Server involve major additions to the integration framework. The changes allow integration developers to have more control over actions and multiple API queries.

Second Order Queries
Within the integration framework, an integration developer can now have separate API calls for data in the summary block of the overlay window, and data in the details block of the overlay window.

Two-Way Communication
An integration developer now has the ability to take actions within an integration right from the overlay window. An integration developer can put in a button that kicks off a playbook or a text field that allows users to input information back into their ticketing system!

Multi Select Option
Integration developers can now choose a multi-select option in their integration config file.

Polarity Features > Polarity-Web 3.0

We are really excited to be releasing our new Polarity-Web redesign, or as we like to call it, Exfoliate. Exfoliate was done in-conjunction with customers during extensive UI/UX feedback sessions. Most Exfoliate features are backwards compatible with the 2.7 server as well as 2.3.9 windows client and 2.4 macOS clients. The functionality of Polarity-Web mostly remains the same, however we’ve added some new and exciting features to increase analyst productivity.

Polarity Navigation
Navigating Polarity has become a lot simpler. All of the pages to navigate within Polarity are now in a left navigation panel.

Polarity Colors
We have changed the color palette for channels and integrations, adding in more vibrant colors to go with the new darker design theme.

Overlay Window

  • Polarity Quick Links: You can now link out to other systems right from the overlay window.
  • Apply Tag: You can now apply a tag on an entity right from the overlay window.
  • Minimize: Users now have the ability to minimize the overlay window - please note this feature is only compatible on the 2.3.9 version of Windows .NET but will be available in the 3.0 release of our macOS client.

For more information on the release contact us at support@polarity.io or visit https://polarity.io