Our Latest Release - Polarity 2.7

Product Feb 22, 2018

We here at Polarity are excited to announce a new release with some awesome new features and a brand new macOS Client!

Polarity macOS Client

We are excited to announce our brand new macOS client! Our macOS client is a complete rewrite of our current windows client, and includes all of the core functions!

Please note that client-side integrations are no longer available in our macOS client, all integrations are server side. The experimental HUD feature is not available for the macOS client as Polarity is currently undergoing re-development of this feature.

Polarity Server 2.7

Channel-aware Integrations

Polarity now supports channel-aware integrations, which allows for channel-based whitelists to be set for any integration. For example, if you want to get only company information from Wikipedia, instead of a lot of other data, you can now specify a channel to for Wikipedia to receive information from!

Entity Types

Not only can you specify a whitelist of information for integrations, but you can also select to receive information from the different entity types integrations are subscribed to. For example, the ARIN integration uses IPV4 and IPV6 data types, now the user can easily turn off and on the different data types, allowing more control over integrations!

Upvoting and Downvoting

As a user, you can now upvote and downvote on an entity-tag pair right from the overlay window, enabling real time feedback to users about their entity-tag information they have put in Polarity!

Polarity Windows Client


  • Support for channel aware integrations
  • The Apply-Tag window shortcut key can be disabled from the “File->Settings” page.
  • The client can now be run in a VDI environment.

Please note, this will be the last official release of our current windows client. We will be moving to our cross-platform client for Windows in the next release.

Check out the new features in action below:

Polarity Latest Release - Polarity 2.7 from Polarity on Vimeo.

For more information on the release contact us at support@polarity.io or visit https://polarity.io