Our Latest Web and Server Release

Product Feb 19, 2019

We here at Polarity are happy to announce Polarity Web 3.3 and Polarity Server 3.6 which include some exciting new features for users.

Polarity Features > Polarity-Server 3.6

Updates to Polarity-Server involve consolidations to the database schema, better logging and Polarity licensing.

Polarity Licensing

Polarity now enforces licensing on the server. A license file, provided by Polarity will be required in order to run the server.

Polarity Logging

Polarity now utilizes logrotate to rotate polarity server logs. By default, Polarity server logs will now be rotated daily with the last 30 days of logs being kept.

Node 10 Upgrade

Polarity server now runs on Node 10.15.0 which is the latest LTS release of Node.js. This update ensures the version of Node.js run by Polarity continues to receive security updates and performance and feature improvements.

Auto Login Updates

The new Polarity 3.0 client does not store user passwords to implement auto-login. Instead, we encrypt and store the user's session. To improve auto login functionality, the default session timeout on the server has been increased to 30 days.

Polarity Features > Polarity-Web 3.3

New features for Polarity-Web include dismissible tutorials for new users, embedded help documents, and licensing information.

General Channel

To help streamline new user onboarding, a new General channel has been created and all new users will automatically be subscribed to the channel upon user creation.


Dismissible Tutorials

Polarity now includes dismissible video tutorials. The tutorial videos are available inside of the Help Center, so they can be referenced at any time.


Help Center

Polarity's user docs are now available within the client. They can be accessed by clicking on the Help section in the left navigation menu.


You can also pull up specific pages from the help docs by clicking on the ? icon next to each header of a page.


Polarity Licensing

As an admin, you can now view information about your license by navigating to the Team Page to view information.


Integrations Settings Page

Enable Auto-Start for integrations - If checked the integration will auto-start when Polarity Server restarts. If unchecked the integration will not automatically start. The default value is for integrations to auto-start after a Polarity Server restart.


HUD and Stream Overlay Toggles

Buttons to turn on and off the HUD and Stream Overlay window are now located in the Polarity Client.

Stream Overlay: When turned on, information about recognized entities will stream into the Overlay Window, which you can position anywhere on your screen. This is the "classic" behavior of the Polarity client.

HUD: When turned on, draws visual indicators over the active application. Mouse over the indicators to bring data to the top of the Overlay Window.


To check out the features live, see the below video

Polarity 3.3/3.6 Release from For more information on the release contact us at support@polarity.io or visit https://polarity.io