Latest Polarity Release

Jan 7, 2021

Latest Polarity Release  cover image

We are thrilled to announce the newest release of Polarity! Thanks to input from our growing community of users we’ve made strides in this release to improve the user experience, ultimately enabling analysts to work with speed and thoroughness. This release has exciting new features to make that all possible. Read on to learn more about the new release and sign up for Polarity’s Community Edition to see how Polarity’s software-based Augmented Reality overlays contextual information as you work for superhuman speed and thoroughness.

New and Updated Features

Sticky Headers

When looking at data in the overlay window, the summary block for an entity will now act like a sticky header, enabling users to correlate detailed data with the entity they were originally viewing.

Easier Data Navigation

Users can now click on Polarity summary tags or integration summary tags to navigate straight to an integration or annotation without needing to scroll.

Native Title Bars and Notifications

The Polarity overlay window now has a native title bar allowing users to control the window like any other native application. Users can maximize, minimize, and close the overlay window. The overlay window also now acts as the main entry point into Polarity. Whenever the overlay window is in a minimized or closed state, users will get notified of any missed information.

Default Colors

Polarity admins and channel/integrations managers can set a default color for channels and integrations which will be applied for all users. They can also lock in a color so users do not have the ability to change the channel or integration color.

Developers Set Default Integration Colors

Integration developers now have the ability to specify a default color for an integration when the integration gets installed by a Polarity admin. See our integration development docs for more information.

What Next?

See for yourself by signing up for Polarity’s Community Edition. To learn more, tune into our next Community Tech Training, where Joe Miller from our Product Management team will walk through the new release and use cases.