Introducing Polarity's 3.2 Client Release

Product Dec 04, 2019

We’re excited to announce our 3.2 Client Release! This release includes updates to our Settings, Menu, Optimizations, Zoom Capabilities, and Installer, as well as a few key improvements that will enhance the overall Polarity user experience.

Check out the new features and improvements below!

New Features

Connection Settings

Polarity’s all-new connection settings page makes it as easy as possible for users to log in. Polarity will also prompt users when the server is using a self-signed certificate.

Authentication Changes

The 3.2 client has re-worked authentication logic in order to allow users to seamlessly auto-login.

Settings Window

Polarity now has a settings page that allows users to change settings within Polarity with ease. Below is a list of the settings that users can currently change:

  • Change shortcut keys - Users can now change their shortcut keys with improved efficiency.
  • Change Logging Levels - By Default, Polarity logs information to Info. Now if a user needs to change the logging level, they can more easily do so in the Settings Window.
  • Filter Entities Within Words - We are constantly working on better ways to help reduce noise for users, which is why we now have a setting that allows users to filter out entities within words.

Shortcut Keys Menu Listing

Polarity now lists out the shortcut keys for different Polarity Actions right within the System Tray/Taskbar menu!

Polarity Optimization

When Polarity 3.2 first gets installed, we now run a profiler that will adjust Polarity settings to best optimize a user's experience with Polarity.


  • Change settings for Dual-Core Computers
  • Disable HUD for Dual-Core Computers (can be re-enabled by a user)
  • Check Aero settings and adjust screenshot methods
  • Adjust Screenshot methodologies if unable to see the screen

Zoom Capabilities

Users now have the ability to zoom in and out on Polarity Window.
To zoom in and out, just click on a Polarity window and hit CTRL/CMD + to zoom in or CTRL/CMD - to zoom out.

Updated Installer

Polarity has a new and improved installer which ensures that Polarity starts up after re-logging in and helps adjust Polarity to your computer's specifications.

Performance Improvements

Stability improvements when adapting to system environment changes

  • Bad Screenshots
  • DPI Changes
  • Monitor Docking

Faster HUD responsiveness

Lower CPU demand

Only run On-Demand Regexes when ON-Demand is called

Updated parsers for domains

macOS Catalina support