Detect Phishing Attempts Instantaneously with the Polarity-EmailRep Integration

Product Mar 30, 2020

Today’s post continues an ongoing series on Polarity Integrations. With over 100 powerful integrations, the Polarity Integrations Library allows users to connect Polarity to the tools they already use in their workflow, arming them with even better data awareness and recall. This example showcases our integration with EmailRep.

Phishing campaigns are still one of the most utilized techniques from hackers. As people become more aware of phishing, scamming tactics evolve to keep taking advantage of unwary recipients.

With the amount of spam most of us have to sift through to stay on top of our inboxes, it’s difficult to be vigilant enough to catch every phishing attempt. That’s why Sublime Security built EmailRep - a solution to detect scam email addresses automatically, making it simple to avoid the trap.

What is EmailRep?

EmailRep uses hundreds of factors like domain age, traffic rankings, presence on social media sites, professional networking sites, personal connections, public records, deliverability, data breaches, dark web credential leaks, phishing emails, spam traps, threat actor emails, disposable mail services, and more to detect if an email address is risky.

What does the Polarity-EmailRep integration do?

The Polarity-EmailRep integration allows analysts to triage email addresses in near real-time, enabling them to make quick decisions on if that email is something worth investigating. With a quick short-cut key, analysts can get a wealth of information from EmailRep, immediately knowing if an email is suspicious, if there are associated social media accounts, and when the email was created, among other data. With this kind of data awareness, cyber analysts can take fast action when there is a phishing campaign occurring and aid sales reps in evaluating new leads.

Check out the integration in action below:

What Next?

See for yourself with a Polarity demo or trial. Tune into our next Community Tech Tuesday to learn more.

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