Attending RSAC 2018?

Conferences - Mar 15, 2018

Attending RSAC 2018? cover image

This is our second year exhibiting at the RSA Conference in San Francisco and we are excited to be showing off our latest feature, The HUD (Heads Up Display).

Customers have been so eager to see it, we’ve decided to set up time slots for people to reserve a demo. Come visit us at booth #2600 in the South Expo to see it in action.


Many companies say they have a HUD when they really just have a dashboard. Well, we actually built a HUD that overlays on your screen just like our existing overlay window, but in-line with the application you are using.

Our previous experimental HUD was on-demand at the press of a keystroke, and the latest version is now in real time. Think of it like augmented reality for your desktop, as we highlight data you should know about right on your screen. Having the overlay in-line with the application makes it even less likely that you will miss relevant information as you do your analysis.

Pairing The HUD with our collective memory and ever-growing list of integrations, we believe this feature is a game-changer. Look for more details to come as we get closer to the event.

Relaxation & Revelation Station

Because you are going to need to have a seat after seeing this latest feature ;-) we requested that our booth designers incorporate some comfortable seating into the space.

We’re calling it the Relaxation & Revelation Station so you can rest while simultaneously learning more about Polarity. Spots are filling up, so click here and reserve yours today.