Always know if that URL is Malicious

Product Use Cases - May 29, 2017

Always know if that URL is Malicious cover image

Did you know that not every website you visit, or link that you might click on is safe? Well I hate to break it to you, but a decent amount of them are not. To mitigate that, Google has released their database of URLs that they consider malicious in some way, called Google Safe-Browsing. This service comes as a chrome plugin, and is available for use on mobile phones as well. The system is built for protection reasons but the data has intelligence value as well.

With a Polarity - Safe-Browsing integration, you get the power of Google’s Safe Browsing data in any application you are in. Whether you are in your email, Microsoft Word or Slack, you will get notifications on any URL that is potentially malicious. You will get notified on information of what type of threat it is, what systems it affects as well as the type of threat entity it is.

Check out the integration in action: