Add Your LinkedIn Connections to a Collective Memory

Use Cases - Feb 13, 2017

Add Your LinkedIn Connections to a Collective Memory cover image

“Small World” is a common phrase when two people discover that they both know the same unexpected third individual. The LinkedIn network often helps people identify these unexpected and possibly useful relationships. Problem is, these discoveries often happen in three inefficient ways:

  1. With the question “Oh, do you know so and so?”
  2. Or during a search directly on the LinkedIn platform.
  3. When you are procrastinating and scrolling through LinkedIn’s suggested “People you may know”.

With over 600 LinkedIn connections I can’t even remember all of mine let alone all of my coworkers. Having awareness of relationships is important in the professional world and life in general. Imagine recognizing every one of your coworkers’ LinkedIn connections as you read email, browse the web, or view your calendar.

During a recent conversation with Ron Gula of Gula Tech Adventures he informed me that you can export all of your contacts using this export settings link while logged into your account:

So I exported the Outlook CSV, merged the first name and last name columns, and imported using Polarity’s CSV parser.

1 (Not my actual LinkedIn contacts… I wish)

Now my whole team (including myself) has instant recall of all of my connections. Here it is in action with fake data: