A look back at RSAC 2018

Conferences - May 3, 2018

A look back at RSAC 2018 cover image

In case you didn’t have a chance to follow our RSAC 2018 journey, we wanted to share a recap of what went well, what went really well, and what lessons we learned.

Last year’s RSAC went well for us, but we wanted to maximize our efforts in 2018. How so? Well, we debuted a new feature, built an application to run our contest, and took home some awards. Here’s a look at the recap:

The feature launch

We unveiled a new feature we call The HUD (an actual Heads-Up-Display…not a dashboard). Every year, tens of thousands of information security professionals descend on San Francisco to learn about new approaches to information security and network with colleagues. RSAC is a great forum for us to hear what organizations want and need from their security tools and vendors. This year we wanted to show off a new feature that our customers have been eager to try out.

The Polarity HUD augments your desktop in real-time and provides the contextual information you need to make better, faster decisions.

The contest

In an effort to run a contest that aligns thematically with our product, we designed the contest to involve ‘memory’ but also show off the new HUD.

It was like a game of Where’s Waldo with IP addresses, and in round two, it was human and machine (Polarity) working together to be “Superhuman.”

One of our engineers cooked up a small application that would allow attendees to compete for the fastest times (both with and without the HUD).

Not only were we told the contest was fun and competitive, it also demonstrated the power of our new feature. With The HUD, people could instantly identify the IP’s of value.

And we also gave out some cool prizes and swag.


The Hot Ones Challenge

In our second Hot Ones fan challenge video, we sat down at our booth with a few friends from FireEye. Per usual, we did it in the middle of an event, and the results did not disappoint. Click here to check out the video.


The awards

Shortly before the RSA Conference, we found out that we were finalists in this year’s CDM Infosec Awards. On the second day of the conference, we were presented with not one, but two awards

  1. Editor’s Choice - Infosec Startup of the Year
  2. Best Product - Memory Augmentation

We invest a lot of time and effort into ensuring we’re building a brilliant product for our customers and receiving these awards is a great endorsement of the innovation and value we’re providing. Both these awards mean so much to the folks here at Polarity and we wanted to thank all of our customers that have helped make this possible.


In conclusion

Having attended RSAC in the past (and planning to continue attending in the years to come), we had an idea of what to expect. This go around, we debuted a new feature, built a competitive memory contest, and took home some awards.