A look back at BlackHat/DefCon 2018

Conferences - Aug 16, 2018

A look back at BlackHat/DefCon 2018 cover image

With the official release of The HUD, we were excited to show BlackHat attendees how our latest feature release is boosting analyst’s awareness, recall, and efficiency.

It was great connecting with everyone out at Black Hat and DefCon. Here are a few of the highlights we would love to share with you.

  • We had a hologram on our booth to highlight how our latest HUD release works.
  • We hosted appreciation dinners and events for our customers and other innovators.
  • We spoke publicly about memory augmentation and entrepreneurship.
  • We enjoyed everyone’s company in the desert.

Here’s a short recap video of our time at Blackhat 2018:

The Booth

Just as Polarity overlays contextual information on your computer screen, we had a hologram overlay on our booth. The hologram definitely caught people’s attention and caused them to stop and say hello but it was also fun to put together and test (my one year old daughter still looks for the prototype in the garage).

Since The HUD’s job is to increase data awareness, we thought this was a great way to showcase how the feature works. Much like this video, Polarity is like augmented reality for your desktop. We literally draw a colored block on the screen, highlighting important information for analysts.

The Dinners

Without great customers, our efforts at BlackHat and beyond wouldn’t be possible. To show our appreciation we hosted two dinners. The dinners were simple yet delicious and entertaining. No presentations, no fluff, just great food and great conversation. As with all our dinners the intention was to catch up with old friends, meet new people, and re-energize after a long day of visiting and working at booths. Thank you to all who made it a success.



During the conference, we had the opportunity to share a bit more about Polarity.

The first was our friend Chuck, the host of SecurityGuyTV. Each week, Chuck Harold & his guest hosts challenge the conventional wisdom of the security industry with their “plain talk” experience, humorous stories, and answers from top security experts in their field. See our interview here.

We were also invited to participate in the Hackers to Entrepreneurs panel where our CEO talked with other founders about security and entrepreneurship. team3-1

The Team

Although our mission is to solve problems for our customers, it is not possible to build products that do that without a great team. team2

In addition to the desert (it looked like Tatooine), we also took the team to the Star Wars augmented reality experience. team

In teams of four, you quite literally go on a mission to save the galaxy. Nothing bonds people more (and is as appropriate for a week of hacking conferences) than disguising yourself as a stormtrooper, infiltrating an enemy base, and using blasters to successfully gain access to secret plans. Highly recommend it if you are near any of their locations.