BlackHat 2020 Swag Bag: Get on Polarity’s Community Edition Waitlist for a chance to win a Roomba!

We’re excited to be a Blackhat sponsor for the 5th year in a row! This year, in anticipation of the launch of Polarity’s Community Edition (coming soon!), we’ll be giving away a brand new Roomba to one of our Community Edition Waitlist sign-ups from Blackhat. You can learn more about Polarity’s Community Edition below.

Polarity is Augmented Reality for your Data

Check out a short video to learn more.

What does the Community Edition include?

Supported features Community Edition Enterprise
Integrations Up to 3 Unlimited
Polarity Community Slack

On-demand mode

Highlight mode

Stream mode

Polarity Annotation Framework

On-Premise Server

Enterprise Support

Join the Polarity Community Slack

Get the most out of Polarity’s Community Edition by joining the Polarity Community Slack, where you can compare use cases, share best practices, talk to support, and ask questions to other security Professionals